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Lifestyle and Nutrition at High Country Community Health

High Country Community Health offers nutrition services at each of our medical offices. Our registered Dietitians are happy to meet with you during your provider visit or at a separately scheduled time.

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We provide uncomplicated lifestyle and nutrition plans and cater them uniquely to you and your goals

Nutrition services offered at High Country Community Health range from Nutrition Counseling for Individual, Pediatric and Family wellness, Chronic Disease Management, Diabetes Education and Support, Preventative Care, Weight Management, and more.

Nutrition Services Offered at High Country Community Health

Nutrition Education

Have a question about Nutrition? Ask to speak with the Registered Dietitian during your doctors appointment.

Group Classes

Lifestyle and Nutrition can be overwhelming.  HCCH wants you to know that you are not alone in this! Our group classes are scheduled quarterly and range from a wide variety of topics.

Sliding Scale

No insurance? No Problem! Our Nutrition services start at $0 on our Sliding Scale. Click here to learn more and apply today.

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Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES)

Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support is a program covered by insurance, designed to help people take ownership of their daily diabetes managment including: - Understanding Diabetes - Monitoring your blood sugar - Education on Monitoring tools and systems - Developing a medication routine - Implementing healthy eating and realistic physical activity - Coping with stress - Reducing risks of complications associated with diabetes - Problem Solving

Lower your A1C by 1-2% by participating in MNT or DSMES


The Details

WHAT YOU GET - Initial 45-60 minute session - Three to four 30-minute follow-up sessions within a six-month period to keep you on track - Discussion of your background, lifestyle, body image, eating behaviors, and environments - Homework/activites - Discussion of challenges & successes - Evaluation of goals - Extras

WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU - Easy access to affordable health and nutrition guidance - Lifestyle and Nutrition advice that works - Prioritize health and well-being over weightloss - Increase self-confidence in food choices and chronic disease management

  • What should I expect as a new patient?
    A one-on-one appointment with our Registered Dietitian to develop an individualized nutrition plan by setting small, realistic goals that fit into your lifestyle.
  • Are they just going to tell me what I can't eat?
    To put it simply, no! Nutrition counseling focuses on foods and beverages we should be eating and drinking most often, and helps you find your own individual balance with your favorite foods.
  • Who would benefit from counseling?
    Anyone interested in prevention or management of the following conditions: - Weight Management - Diabetes or Pre-diabetes - Picky eating and family meals - Hypertension/High blood pressure - High Cholesterol - Heart disease - IBS - Constipation - Inflammation - Healthy Pregnancy - Modified diets - Malnutrition - Thyroid issues - General Wellness
  • How much does this cost?
    All forms of insurance are accepted, including private insurance, Veteran's Choice, Medicare, and Medicaid. Most insurance plans cover nutrition services under preventative wellness, meaning you will not have a co-pay. For those without insurance, HCCH offers a Sliding Fee Scale based on your current income. Please click on the Sliding Fee Scale tab at the top of the page to learn more and apply.

Lexi Chimera

Lexi Chimera is a Registered Dietitian at High Country Community Health and sees patients at Burke Medical, East Burke Medical, and Elkin Pediatric Clinics.

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