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High Country Community Health Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral Care In-Person and Online- Patients at HCCH Have Options...

Scheduling can be hectic. We understand and are here to help!  With Telehealth, you can meet with your provider from the comfort of your own home. All information is private and secure through our HIPPA compliant platform, Click below to learn more about our Behavioral Health services.​

*Must be a patient at High Country Community Health to schedule an appointment. Referrals not accepted.

High Country Community Health believes that the best possible care treats the whole person. Our licensed behavioral health specialists, psychiatry and case management teams can provide you with the tools needed to take control of your own health.

How We Can Help

At HCCH, It's more than just your health care provider. We have an entire team dedicated to meet your needs, and each individual that comes through our doors.

Our behavioral health team works alongside your provider every step of the way to ensure individualized care. 

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Patient Resource Specialist

In addition to our licensed team of providers, we have a Patient Resource Specialist at each site who is tasked with connecting you to resources within HCCH and the community! They can help with:
- Transportation
- Food
- Medication assistance
- Community resources

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