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Resources Near You

The Carolina Medical Home Network and the NCCHCA have partnered together to create a community resource network website, specific to local communities.


To find services in your area, type your zip code in on the main page. To view resources in Spanish, choose "select language" in the top left corner of the main page.

Patient Advocacy Programs At High Country Community Health

High Country Community Health’s Outreach and Enrollment team are Certified Application Counselors available to the public free of charge to provide unbiased assistance in understanding the newest healthcare laws as well as help getting enrolled in coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.


Additionally, we have a team of Case Managers and Patient Resource Specialists both of whom work with our patients to ensure they have access to all of the resources and services they need, whether they be social or medical. Please see below for more information on these services.

Couples Therapy

Case Management

Case managers work with patients who have chronic conditions, often focusing on those who are uninsured. They work with these patients to improve overall health and wellbeing by monitoring set goals and ensuring patients have the resources necessary to achieve them. When enrolled, patients have the support, advocacy, and education that is needed in their medical care. 

If you are interested in these services, please ask our front desk or your provider at your next appointment. 

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Get Involved

The Giving Closet is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Please see flyer for the full list of donations accepted by HCCH. 

For more information please contact our Case Management team at 828-262-3886 ext. 163 or 103

Patient Resource Specialist

Patient Resource Specialists are here to help in connecting you to resources within High Country Community Health and the community! They can help with:

- Transportation
- Food
- Medication assistance
- Community resources

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