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Farmworker Health Program

We provide comprehensive, compassionate, and affordable medical care to Farmworkers in the High Country.


Farmworker Health Program

What we do:  Our goal is to provide accessible medical services for the migrant agricultural community to help them stay healthy throughout their work season. We offer on-site medical consultations with a provider, and education about preventative services. Additionally, our team is dedicated to connecting the agricultural community to outside resources such as food pantries, internet access, financial assistance, and medication assistance etc.



Our Outreach Department works diligently to educate our seasonal migrant farmworkers about the different community resources available to them. We collaborate with different agencies throughout the year such as food pantries, local pharmacies, and thrift stores to connect the farmworkers with necessary resources. 


Night Clinic

High Country Community Health started the Farmworker Health Night Clinic in 2013 as a resource to the Agricultural Community. Offering evening services allows us to provide care to a much larger population who often times are limited in time and/or resources. 

In order to promote long-lasting health outcomes, each provider that serves during the night clinic focuses heavily on health education in addition to treating the condition at hand.

Nigt Clinic

Mobile Unit

Through our mobile unit we are able to offer medical care within the remote locations of our agricultural communities.

Our mobile unit is equipped with the appropriate tools that allow our providers to evaluate patients, prescribe medications, and provide on-site health education.

Throughout the farmworker season (7-9 months) our dedicated team of Medical Providers, and Farmworker Health specialists, visit up to 70 different locations, and provide care to approximately 700 farmworkers through their weekly visits.

Moble Unit


In order to better serve the community, HCCH takes an active role in seeking new partnerships within the community and coordinates events such as our our bi-monthly pop-up clinic at the F.A.R.M Cafe in Boone, NC, and even working with our local food pantries to expand those resources to the agricultural community.


Additionally we coordinate events and vaccination clinics, including but not limited to COVID-19 testing, in the different counties we serve, In order to reach those who cannot come in-person to our clinics.

Interpretation Services

We recognize the unique challenges faced by farmworkers in accessing interpretation services. Language barriers can often hinder effective communication and limit the quality of healthcare provided. With our commitment to equitable care, we are proud to offer interpretation services specifically tailored to the needs of farmworkers.

Interpretation Services
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