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Alice Salthouse

A message from CEO Alice Salthouse about HCCH and our mission.

Alexandria Noriega

Farmworker Health Coordinator Alex Noriega speaks about the farmworker health program.

Shilohe Otto

QI Director Shilohe Otto speaks about QI at HCCH and quality of care

Leigh Ann Byrd

COO Leigh Ann Byrd's message about High Country Community Health

Kati Pressly

MAT Director Kati Pressly speaks about the HCCH MAT Program

Tonya Elledge

Tonya Elledge talks about HCCH Sliding Fee Scale

Craig Davis

EMR Software Manager Craig Davis talks about electronic medical records protocols

Heather Stansberry

Dental Director Heather Stansberry speaks about the HCCH Dental Program

Alyssia Hoover -Thompson

Dr. Hoover Thompson speaks about the Behavioral Health Program at HCCH

Ariel Smith

Dietitian Ariel Smith talks about various programs at HCCH 

Kristen Sturgeon

Kristen Sturgeon talks about HCCH 340B Program

Josh Carver

IT Director Josh Carver talks about IT policy and procedures for new hires

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