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Medicaid Expansion Program

NC Medicaid Now Covers People Ages 19 Through 64 with Higher Incomes

Medicaid Expansion is Here!

North Carolinians will be able to get health care coverage through Medicaid if they meet the criteria below.  And if you were eligible before, you still are. Nothing changes for you. 

Getting signed up for Medicaid is easier than ever.

More North Carolinians than ever before can get health care coverage through Medicaid. You are eligible if you are 19-64 years old and your income is up to 138% of the Federal Poverty Level. And if you were eligible before, you still are. Nothing changes for you. 

What will be covered

If someone is pregnant, they may be eligible for other NC Medicaid programs to get full health benefits. If you were eligible before, you still are. 

NC Medicaid covers most health services. It includes doctor visits, check-ups, emergency care, hospital services, maternity and postpartum care, vision and hearing services, prescription drugs, behavioral health, preventive and wellness services, dental/oral health care, devices, and more. There is no monthly fee and copays are never more than $4. 

Happy Family
  • What should I expect as a new patient?
    A one-on-one appointment with our Registered Dietitian to develop an individualized nutrition plan by setting small, realistic goals that fit into your lifestyle.
  • Are they just going to tell me what I can't eat?
    To put it simply, no! Nutrition counseling focuses on foods and beverages we should be eating and drinking most often, and helps you find your own individual balance with your favorite foods.
  • Who would benefit from counseling?
    Anyone interested in prevention or management of the following conditions: - Weight Management - Diabetes or Pre-diabetes - Picky eating and family meals - Hypertension/High blood pressure - High Cholesterol - Heart disease - IBS - Constipation - Inflammation - Healthy Pregnancy - Modified diets - Malnutrition - Thyroid issues - General Wellness
  • How much does this cost?
    All forms of insurance are accepted, including private insurance, Veteran's Choice, Medicare, and Medicaid. Most insurance plans cover nutrition services under preventative wellness, meaning you will not have a co-pay. For those without insurance, HCCH offers a Sliding Fee Scale based on your current income. Please click on the Sliding Fee Scale tab at the top of the page to learn more and apply.

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