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Dr. Austin Combs

Licensed Psychologist and Coordinator of School-Based Mental Health Services

Dr. Combs is a Licensed Psychologist and the Coordinator of School-Based Mental Health Services for HCCH. She earned her bachelor's in psychology from Appalachian State, and her master's and doctoral degrees in School Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. For the past 10+ years, she has worked with children and adolescents in community mental health settings, often in partnership with local schools. She works primarily with clients aged 3 to 21 and is trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT). Dr. Combs also enjoys consulting with caregivers to support healthy parenting. Her passion is helping kids develop the tools they need to become who they truly are.

Her "happy place" is anywhere with her husband and twin sons, preferably on/near a body of water. Outside of work, she can usually be found hiking, reading historical fiction, and trying to befriend the neighborhood crows.

Dr. Austin Combs
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