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Ariel Danek

Director Of Nutrition Services

Ariel Danek Smith is the Director of Nutrition Services and one of our two practicing Registered Dietitians at HCCH. Starting off as our only dietitian from 2018-2022, Ariel has focused on growing our diabetes and nutrition education programs available at all of our HCCH sites. After years of growth, she was able to proudly hire Lexi Chimera, MS, RD, LDN to assist with reaching more patients across our clinics.

Ariel has been practicing as a dietitian for the past 5 years, starting out in the long term care and academic setting but quickly finding her passion in community health. Ariel also serves as the Assistant Coordinator for ASU's Dietetic Internship program and collaborates with many others in the community. Her research has focused on food security and text message health interventions. In her spare time, Ariel enjoys camping, dancing, and anything by the water.

Ariel Danek
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