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Mid-Level Pediatric Provider

1925 North Bridge Street, Elkin, NC, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Job Title: Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner (FNP or PNP)
Department: Clinical Services
Immediate Supervisor Title: Chief Medical Officer
Job Supervisory Responsibilities: None

Role on the Care Team: The mid-level pediatric provider position is responsible for
practicing pediatric primary and urgent care medicine including conducting
examinations, providing referrals to specialists as necessary, and writing prescriptions.
Expected to exercise autonomy in management of a primary care panel and medical
decision making with guidance available from on site pediatrician as needed, and provide
a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients from newborns to
adolescents. He/she will works closely with the other members of the care team to ensure
the best patient care possible for patients and their families. The provider works closely
with the rest of the clinical team, the on site Behavioral Health Specialist, the Patient
Resource Specialist and other support and nursing staff to stay informed about patients’
treatment progress and collaborate on care. He/she will also consult with subspecialists as
needed about the best treatments for the patient.

Essential Job Responsibilities:
1. Conducts patient histories and physical exams, assesses health status, orders and
interprets tests, prescribes medications, and treats illnesses including giving
injections, directing treatment plans, and minor outpatient procedures. Consults
with physicians as needed and refers to physicians for more complicated medical
2. Helps the clinical care team in adhering to the Patient Centered Medical Home
model of whole person care, collaborating with the Behavioral Health Consultant,
Patient Resource Specialist, interpreters and nursing staff.
3. Monitors therapies and provides continuity of care.
4. Triages patient calls and evaluates patient problems. Responds to emergencies
including use of CPR.
5. Counsels patient/family on preventive health care.
6. Counsels parents on vaccination and strongly encourages parents to stick to the
recommended vaccination schedule for all children
7. Documents patient information and care in electronic medical record in
accordance with HCCH policy for timeliness of completion and may maintain
department statistical database for research purposes.
8. Maintains a set daily schedule and sees all patients scheduled, including walk-ins.
Understands that HCCH manages the patient schedule.
9. Leads daily team huddles with medical assistant and attends and actively
participates in weekly treatment team meetings.
10. Completes “warm handoffs’ to activate Patient Health Specialist, Patient
Resource Specialist and other team members as appropriate
11. Other duties as assigned.


Education: Bachelor’s degree and successful completion of accredited physician

assistant program and/or accredited nurse practitioner program.

Proven Experience Required: Successful completion of accredited PA, PNP, or FNP.

Minimum of one year experience as a practicing PA or NP preferred.

Other Requirements: For PA: National certification from the National Commission on

Certification of PAs. To maintain their national certification, PAs must log 100 hours of

continuing medical education every two years and sit for a recertification every six years.

Active and unencumbered PA license in the State of North Carolina. Current CPR

certificate required. For NP: licensure by the North Carolina Board of Nursing and fulfill

all Board requirements to maintain such licensure.

Performance Requirements:

For PA:


1. Knowledge of medical model and roles of physicians and physician assistants.

Familiar with anatomy, pharmacology, pathophysiology, clinical medicine, and

physical diagnosis.

2. Knowledge of patient assessment techniques including taking medical histories,

performing physicals, evaluating health status including state of wellness, and

compliance with care recommendations.

3. Knowledge of diagnosing and treating medical problems and developing care


4. Knowledge of documentation in medical records in confidential manner.


1. Skill in gathering and analyzing physiological, socioeconomic, and emotional

patient data.

2. Skill in accurately evaluating patient problems in person or via phone and

providing appropriate advice, intervention, or referral.

3. Skill in developing/revising patient care plan based on patient status.

4. Skilled in listening to patients and staff


1. Ability to make responsible decisions within scope of PA practice.

2. Ability to collaborate effectively with physicians on complicated cases.

3. Ability to educate patients, families, and staff in user-friendly manner.

4. Ability to demonstrate eye–hand coordination, full range of motion, and manual


For FNP:


1. Knowledge of advanced practice of nursing including anatomy and physiology,

pathophysiology, pharmacology and therapeutics, basic nutrition, behavioral

factors, psychosocial/family systems, diagnostic testing, interpretation of results

and clinical decision making, alternative treatment modalities.

2. Knowledge of professional nursing theory, practices and regulations related to

evaluating and providing patient care, and professional ethics related to the

delivery of nursing care.

3. Knowledge of medical equipment and instruments used to administer patient care.

4. Knowledge of common safety hazards and precautions to establish/maintain a

safe work environment.

5. Knowledge of health promotion, health risk identification, and patient education

principles and techniques.

6. Knowledge of community, professional, and educational resources.


1. Skill in oral and written communication including interviewing to gather medical

histories; providing presentations, consultations, facilitation, and documentation,

e.g., writing medical orders, patient education materials, and medical record

updates. May require skill in using computerized health information management


2. Skill in case management, time management, problem solving, crisis intervention,

multitasking, and other organizational matters.

3. Skill in modifying methods and techniques of professional nursing to provide

appropriate nursing care and in initiating appropriate emergency response and

investigatory procedures.

4. Skilled in listening to patients and staff alike.


1. Ability to analyze complex data and draw conclusions.

2. Ability to interpret, adapt, and apply guidelines and procedures.

3. Ability to establish/maintain effective working relationships with patients, clinical

staff, and the public.

Additional Performance Requirements:

1. Maintains a positive attitude

2. Is patient centered in daily routines and duties, diligent to serve the best needs and

conveniences of the patient to the greatest extent possible

About the Company

HCCH conducts background checks on all final candidates. Employment is contingent upon a clear background check or approval of the CEO.

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