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EMR Software Specialist

935 State Farm Road, Boone, NC, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

EMR Software Specialist

Supervisor: Reports to the COO

Job Summary and Responsibilities:
This position is responsible for managing the medical electronic health record to
maximize efficiency, productivity, appropriate use, and patient care. This employee will
work alongside our team in training employees at all levels of the organization to include
providers. This position is also to troubleshoot emergent needs within the EHR.
The position will work with medical and behavioral health providers, support staff, and
administration to maximize the use of the electronic health record which is currently
eClinical Works. This position will also work with the EHR vendor to ensure HCCHs
employees needs are met.

Specific responsibilities include:
Design and maintenance of templates
Input of HCCH data to ensure proper functioning of EMR
Provide training to new employees
Provide technical support for software use
Work with the other members of the electronic health record team/IT Director to
provide hardware support for EMR use
Develop custom reports for PCMH, HRSA, UDS and other requirements as
Ensure any software system updates are implemented and supported
Ensuring all required structured data fields are captured
Ensure EMR is working properly to include electronic prescriptions, uploading of
340B data, etc.


At least 2 years’ experience working with an electronic medical record system.

Bachelor’s degree or higher in related fields preferred.

Travel for continuing education/training as needed (at least yearly). Travel between sites.

Employee must live within an hour of Watauga County

About the Company

HCCH conducts background checks on all final candidates. Employment is contingent upon a clear background check or approval of the CEO.

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